20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Spiti Valley this Summer

Here are 20 Photos to Inspire you to visit Spiti Valley this Summer. Ladakh’s lesser known cousin.

Separated from the popular Kullu valley in Himachal Pradesh by the Rohtang Pass, this middle land between India and Tibet is home to some of the most stunning lakes and monasteries in the world.

Of which, the mythical Chandratal Lake is one. Roads to the lake open mid July. So, peak tourist season in the Spiti Valley (for lack of  a better word, tourism is yet to catch on here the way it has in Ladakh) is July and August. A difficult terrain as is, the four months of summer is when this desert valley in the Himalayas is most accessible.

Road Trip through tricky terrains, along rocky roads.

Spiti Valley_5.jpg

Be amazed by the stark landscapes.

Or the ‘moonscape’ of this land, as it has come to be known.

Spiti Valley_3.jpg

Rediscover colour.

Vivid skies, cloud shadows, wild flowers et al.

Spiti Valley_7Spiti Valley_2.jpgSpiti Valley_6.jpgSpiti Valley_9.jpg

Fall in love.

With the starry nights.

Spiti Valley_1Spiti Valley_11

Find peace amidst the many Himalayan Monasteries.

Spiti Valley_4.jpgSpiti Valley_8.jpgSpiti Valley_18.jpgSpiti Valley_19.jpgSpiti Valley_10.jpg

Befriend the most adorable kids you will ever see!

Spiti Valley_22.jpg

Stay with the locals in a homestay and experience life, their way.

Get to know them. In their houses that are built to shelter them in the harsh winter months when they can only be indoors. Over soft, doughy bread which is but a variant of our regular Indian roti and sweet milky chai.

Spiti Valley_17.jpg

& of course, no trip to Spiti Valley is complete without a visit to the Chandratal Lake.

Spiti Valley_Chandratal_13Spiti Valley_Chandratal_12.jpgSpiti Valley_Chandratal_15.jpg

Did You Know? The Chandratal Lake reflects the colour of the sky. So the lake is a bright turquoise blue  at sunrise and a lush serene green at sunset!

Spiti Valley_Chandratal_14

Besides, it isn’t just this one lake in Spiti Valley that is breathtaking. There are more.

Spiti Valley_20.jpg

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