But, first coffee.


Dubai Marina, I Love You.

But, first coffee.

The Starbucks in Marina Promenade has been my ‘Haven of Escape’ for all my time in Dubai.

This is where I would disappear to, without fail, all those late evenings right after classes and early afternoons on the weekend. It is quiet, cosy and has absolutely no crowds. Except for a straggler or two on those rare days. A perfect place to just snuggle with your cup of coffee and chocolate. Ah! Heaven.

Last week I was in Dubai and I found myself retracing those cobbled pathways of memory lane. (Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun! :D)

This Starbucks, just like the one on Marina Walk, on the other side, commands spectacular views of the Dubai Marina. But, to its credit, remains a secluded cosy corner.

& I have lost count of the number of days I have sat on that bench contemplating life and having ‘deep discussions’.


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10 responses to “But, first coffee.”

  1. Beautiful images
    Make the place look better than it is I believe
    Just my 2 cents though
    Shouldn’t it be but first, coffee?

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