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But, first coffee.


Dubai Marina, I Love You.

But, first coffee.

The Starbucks in Marina Promenade has been my ‘Haven of Escape’ for all my time in Dubai.

This is where I would disappear to, without fail, all those late evenings right after classes and early afternoons on the weekend. It is quiet, cosy and has absolutely no crowds. Except for a straggler or two on those rare days. A perfect place to just snuggle with your cup of coffee and chocolate. Ah! Heaven.

Last week I was in Dubai and I found myself retracing those cobbled pathways of memory lane. (Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun! :D)

This Starbucks, just like the one on Marina Walk, on the other side, commands spectacular views of the Dubai Marina. But, to its credit, remains a secluded cosy corner.

& I have lost count of the number of days I have sat on that bench contemplating life and having ‘deep discussions’.


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10 comments on “But, first coffee.

  1. Beautiful images
    Make the place look better than it is I believe
    Just my 2 cents though
    Shouldn’t it be but first, coffee?

  2. Love the image of the city! Looks enchanting!

  3. Anita Gidwani

    Yes its so lovely….and even better in the right weather…..with the right person!! 😄😄

  4. Great pictures! That doesn’t even look very Starbucks-y!

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