Gandipet Lake. Where is it?!

20 Kilometers off the city, on the outskirts, is the Osman Sagar Lake/Reservoir. Generally referred to as Gandipet, this lake used to be the preferred haunt of youngsters. Though I am not sure if it still is the place where kids sneak off to from their school or college, it sure has turned out to be a popular spot for those same kids who have now grown up to hold software jobs in this IT Hub that is Hyderabad.

Well it isn’t so much ‘outskirts’ either now, with its connectivity to Gachibowli-Hitech City and all the urbanisation that is happening in and around it.


But, this makes it one of the most popular destination for cycling enthusiasts in the city today.


& that leaves us with “Where is The Lake?”


We get there and we see nothing. Yes, nothing but the heavy fencing, barricades and cops. So I walk up to the fence for a closer look hoping to find something that I can photograph, document.

DSC_0974 (1)


Gallery 2

DSC_1008 (1)

Well, inspite of there being only a trace of the lake that once was, the walk leading up to it is so beautiful and tranquil, specially so on a rainy morning that, that in itself makes for a pleasant way to slow things down right here in the city.


Gallery 3

So, a curious case of Afforestation and Urbanisation then?!

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Author: Neeharika Satyavada

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