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Heritage Buildings Hyderabad

Spread over a 1300 acre sprawling campus and peopled with elegant old buildings is the Osmania University in Hyderabad. The seventh oldest university in the country was brought into existence by the seventh Nizam of Hyderabad in 1918.

This beautifully green campus is so vast that its roads have long come to become regular thoroughfares in the city. So much so that, one does not even know just how many buildings are scattered around here and does not even spare more than a glance. That too when the names on the buildings get you thinking as to all the obscure possible disciplines of formal education and research available!

So it wasn’t till I actually stood under the Arts College Building one Sunday morning after I had decided to photograph it, did I realise just how smartly and tastefully this graceful old building has been designed.

Born from a farman (Royal Charter) by Nawab Osman Ali Khan, this university’s buildings were planned by Mr. Jasper, a Belgian architect, who was “found” by an expert panel of architects and engineers who had toured through Europe, America, Japan, Egypt and Turkey in the quest.

It is of little surprise then that the centre piece of this spread, the Arts College is but Poetry in Pink.

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This Heritage Building of Pink Granite, which took 5 years to construct, was officially inaugurated in 1939.

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14 comments on “Poetry in Pink

  1. Great post splattered with lovely pics of grandeur buildings…

  2. Would be equally interesting if you time stamp your pictures (I know the blog is), as the majestic full view of the last pic reminds me of one from my childhood – only dating back to early 80’s. 30+ years of unchanged glory! Glad that you chose this 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the suggestion! Love it, will do that asap. Happy to know my pictures bring nostalgia for the whole idea behind this blog is to connect with people through photographs.

  3. Jasmin Dalal

    Beautiful photos ….amazing architecture. Kudos to the Indian rulers of yesteryear for their foresight and passion.

    • Thank you! You are so right about the grandeur of their vision and passion. 😊Sometimes one loses sight of how we have these beautiful heritage structures coming down to us!

  4. Anita Gidwani

    What massive heavy doors…like the peshwas had…..the ceilings of the building look v high….perfect for the heat which hyd is facing!! Pretty peaceful place! Love the bird u took, all set to land near its friends!!😄

  5. Niranjan Gidwani

    Tremendous passion and committment visible. Imagine if this is somewhere a part of your vocation to grant you financial success at least partially through this route

  6. Your pics capture the grandeur of these majestic buildings so beautifully!!

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