8 Beautiful Waterfalls near Hyderabad

Finding destinations closer home has today become more of a necessity than just a matter of choice. For all those with itchy feet, craving to travel, longing to just get outdoors here is a list of waterfalls near Hyderabad that one can get to easily. These beautiful waterfalls are just a road trip away!

1. Kuntala Waterfalls

Distance from Hyderabad | 270 Kilometres
Best Time to Visit | July – December. In monsoon.

Telangana’s highest waterfalls, the Kuntala falls descend from a lofty two hundred feet gushing down a rocky precipice only to flow away gently into the Sahayadris. Add to this, the fact that these waterfalls are easily accessible – it only takes a short hike down into forest. Making the Kuntala waterfalls the state’s most popular tourist places to visit near Hyderabad.

It is said that the Kuntala Waterfalls get their name from the mythological Shakuntala and that it was here that King Dushyant fell in love with her, which led to their Gandharva Wedding – the ancient Hindu equivalent of a live-in relationship.

How to get to Kuntala Waterfalls from Hyderabad

Take the NH44 straight from Hyderabad to Nirmal via Armoor. Then head right for another 40 kilometres to get to Kuntala falls.

2. Pochera Waterfalls

Distance from Hyderabad | 267 Kilometres
Best Time to Visit | July – December. In monsoon.

Though the Pochera Falls are often talked of and visited together with the Kuntala Falls, owing to their proximity to each other, they couldn’t be more different from each other. In fact, you might end up feeling a little underwhelmed! For the waters here only drop a mere 20 meters.

But alls not as tame as it looks. The Pochera falls are one of the deepest of all waterfalls in Telangana and the jagged edges of the Sahayadris jutting from the pool call for even more caution, if you plan to take a plunge. And, the dense forest that surrounds it only adds to this mood.

How to get to Pochera Falls from Hyderabad

Take the NH44 from Hyderabad to Nirmal through Nizamabad. A further 35 kilometres from Nirmal and you are there.

3. Ethipothala Waterfalls

Distance from Hyderabad | 167 Kilometres
Best Time to Visit | Jul – Jan. Anytime but summer.

The Ethipothala Falls in Andhra Pradesh have long been the most popular waterfalls near Hyderabad. A few kilometres from the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, the waterfalls are not just a popular tourist spot but also a place of religious importance to the local Lambada tribes people.

The lush greenery, brisk breezes, fully developed tourist facilities together with enough attractions in the area like the Buddhist island of Nagarjuna Konda, warrant a full weekend here.

How to get to Ethipothala Waterfalls from Hyderabad

Take the Nagarjuna Sagar Road straight from Hyderabad to get to Ethipothala falls. Alternatively you can also go via Nalgonda.


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4. Mallela Theertham Waterfalls

Distance from Hyderabad |  175 Kilometres
Best Time to Visit | Oct – Feb. In winters, when the roads through the forest are clear.

Nestled in the Nallamalla forest near Srisailam, Mallela Theertham waterfalls is probably the most tranquil of falls on this list. One has to walk through the dense forest canopy and down some steps to reach the waterfall. 

The road to Srisailam closes at sunset as it passes through the forest. So plan your trip to the falls early in the day so you are out of the forest before dark. For the Nallamalla forest is renown for its tigers

How to get to Mallela Theertham Waterfalls from Hyderabad

Take the NH765 from Hyderabad through Vangoor to get to the Mallela Theertham falls.

5. Bogatha Waterfalls

Distance from Hyderabad |  275 Kilometres
Best Time to Visit | June – November. Around monsoon.

Counted amongst the best Waterfalls in Telangana, the Bogatha Falls along the River Godavari fall not from a great height. But from all along the crest in several parallel streams making a wide pool at the foot of the waterfalls. And a dip in this natural pool surrounded by water streaming down from all around, with the forested hills forming a distant backdrop can be quite an experience.

One needs to walk through the forest to reach the falls.

How to get to Bogatha Falls from Hyderabad

Take NH163 from Hyderabad and go via Warangal to reach Bogatha Waterfalls.


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6. Raikal Waterfalls

Distance from Hyderabad | 212 Kilometres
Best Time to Visit | October – March. After the rains.

This waterfall tucked away in the forests of Raikal in the Karimnagar district made an appearance on the tourist radar only recently when a few State Government officials got there with the intention of popularising it. This little known waterfall can only be accessed through a trail in the forest and takes a good two and a half hours to reach.

The forest trek along with the tiered waterfall make Raikal one picturesque destination.

How to get to Raikal Falls from Hyderabad

Take the NH44 to go via Nizamabad or go via Siddipet along the Vemulawada Road.


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7. Gayatri Waterfalls

Distance from Hyderabad | 270 Kilometres
Best Time to Visit | July – December. In monsoon.

Cascading down a 100 feet, the Gayatri Falls are a powerful yet little known waterfalls in Adilabad. The smooth rock face and the drop height make this is ideal for waterfall rappelling, giving you the perfect weekend getaway if you are looking for some adventure in the outdoors. 

To reach the waterfall is a 5 kilometre walk through the secluded forest and it is therefore advisable that you get a guide from the adjoining village of Tarnam to accompany you.

How to get to Gayatri Waterfalls from Hyderabad

Located quite close to the Kuntala & Pochera falls, Gayatri falls can be reached via the NH44, from Hyderabad through Nirmal.

8. Bheemuni Padam Waterfalls

Distance from Hyderabad | 200 Kilometres
Best Time to Visit | July – September. In Monsoon.

In Warangal, near the now famous Pakhal Lake is the Bheemuni Paadam Waterfalls. The water descends from a rock that is said to be shaped like Bheema’s foot. The very same Bheema of the Pandavas from the Indian epic Mahabharatha who is said to have possessed the physical strength of a ten thousand elephants.

Though the water gushes down 70 feet, it does so rather peacefully, tempered by the tiered the rock face of the cliff.

How to get to Bheemuni Paadam Waterfalls from Hyderabad

Take NH163 to Warangal and continue on till Gudur to get to the Bheemuni Paadam waterfalls. Alternatively you can also take the NH65 from Hyderabad to reach the falls via Chityal.

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