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Save The Sunday!

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Sunday before last, I was in the Indian School of Business for their Digital Summit 2016. The “workshop” was barely more than a platform for the internet and social media giants to come and ‘perform’ their sales pitch!


ISB_1 2.jpg

So, in a bid to Save The Sunday, I walked around the campus looking to photograph anything that caught my eye. Luckily I loved photographing the wonderful symmetries, à la Jantar Mantar.


IMG_9898 (1)

Bill wasn’t unkind or rude by nature, but now he struck. ‘I appreciate your kind invitation’, he said, ‘but I never go to the Yatch Club. I’ve never been inside it.’

Mr.Smithers looked alarmed. ‘Why not, Mr.Wainwright? Surely it’s a fine club.’

‘It isn’t that. Only you see I have a good many Indian friends – some of them very distinguished – and as you know, they are not allowed to enter the club. So I don’t go either… it seems to me rather odd considering that India is their country.

-Louis Bromfield, Night in Bombay, 1940


Atleast, they did not need a debate to decide if they were indeed an Indian Institution.

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3 comments on “Save The Sunday!

  1. Loved the analogy as much as the pictures!

  2. Anita Gidwani

    Very nice pics….neat looking place….whats the little cart or buggy in the second last pic? Looks cute😊

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