Cafe Review: Bombay Coffee Roasters, Goa

“The Beach is Boring”, proclaims the lone print on the walls of the Bombay Coffee Roasters, Goa. A quiet urban cafe tucked away in a colourful corner, somewhere along the winding  lanes of Fontainhas in Panaji (Panjim), Goa’s capital city.

& why would you need a boring beach when you have coffee and wifi?!!!

Well, Bombay Coffee Roasters was originally developed as a kind of co-working space, a hostel and an all day cafe that was designed to cater to the new generation of artists, entrepreneurs and “free spirits”. So, go here for the wifi.

Or even better, go here for breakfast. For this cafe in the old Latin Quarter, serves the best homemade breakfast in Goa.

Bombay Coffee Roasters, Panaji, Goa

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Ambience | Design + Crowd


Lovely in the monsoons. Just the right amount of cosy and quiet to spend a few good hours working, chatting with friends or simply reading with coffee on the side.



Best breakfast in town. Vegetarian friendly. Fresh, homemade and great on taste.

Service | People + Hospitality


Easy going friendly staff who let you be. But, still are warm and helpful.

Value for Money | Price + Experience


It is an oasis of calm in the otherwise outrageously touristy Goa. Making it like no other cafe in town.

Old Quarter by The Hostel Crowd

Cafes_Hostels in Panjim_Bombay Coffee Roasters_Old Quarter_1

Cafes_Hostels in Panjim_Bombay Coffee Roasters_Old Quarter_2.jpg

Explorers Guide

Timings | 8 AM – 8 PM

Getting There

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