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As 2016 begins, I take up this Photography Project – 52 Photowalks. One photowalk every week.

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With this project I hope to achieve 2 things:

  1. To give myself, an ex-commitment phobic, an ongoing year round challenge to actually commit myself to something for an extended period.
  2. To overcome my fear of my own gear. It is an embarrassing situation to be in, for a self-proclaimed photography enthusiast!


Week One (01-03 Jan): Photowalk #1 – The Lost Pump House
Week Two (04-10 Jan): Photowalk #2 – Go Flamingo, Go!
Week Three (11-17 Jan): Photowalk #3 – Of Sunny Days & Brisk Breezes
Week Four (18-24 Jan): Photowalk #4 – Through The Ages: Golconda
Week Five (25-31 Jan): Photowalk #5 – Heart of Hyderabad: Old City


Week Six (01-07 Feb): Photowalk #6 – Standing Still: Moazzam Jahi Market
Week Seven (08-14 Feb): Photowalk #7 – A Lake In Resort Land
Week Eight (15-21 Feb): Photowalk #8 – Poetry In Pink


Week Ten (29 Feb-06 Mar): Photowalk#10 – Into The Jungle
Week Eleven (7-13 Mar): Photowalk#11 – Save The Sunday!
Week Twelve (14-20 Mar): Photowalk#12 – The Age of Colonialism


Week Fourteen (28 Mar-03 Apr): Photowalk#14 – Artisan Villages of Telangana: Cheriyal
Week Fifteen (04-10 Apr): Photowalk#15 – Artisan Villages of Telangana: Nirmal
Week Sixteen (11-17 Apr): Photowalk#16 – The Flamingo Story


Week Nineteen (02-08 May): Photowalk#19 – A King’s Spread: Kitchen 6
Week Twenty (09-15 May): Photowalk#20 – I Heart Honey Bears: Le Pain Quotidien


Week Twenty Five (13-19 Jun): Photowalk#25 – Ammapalli: Tollywood’s Favourite Temple!
Week Twenty Seven (27 Jun-03 Jul): Photowalk#27 – Where is The Lake?


Week Twenty Nine (11-17 Jul): Photowalk#29 – Its a small, small world.
Week Thirty (18-24 Jul): Photowalk#30 – Road Tripping through Karimnagar


Week Thirty Four (15-21 Aug): Photowalk#34 – From a billion years ago.
Week Thirty Five (22-28 Aug): Photowalk#35 –  A Heritage Walk through The Walled City of Udaipur


Week Thirty Seven (05-11Sep): Photowalk#37 – The Goat Village: Take me away!
Week Thirty Eight (12-18 Sep): Photowalk#38 – A Trinity of Faiths: Medak


Week Forty (26 Sep-02 Oct): Photowalk#40 – South India’s City of Moksh: Alampur
Week Forty One (03-09 Oct): Photowalk#41 – A Song of Stone: Dichpally Ramalayam
Week Forty Two (10-16 Oct): Photowalk#42 – Of Rocks and Hidden Temples: Armoor
Week Forty Three (17-23 Oct): Photowalk#43 – Have I found the perfect partner for my Road Trips?

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