Hyderabad to Nizamabad Road Trip Guide: Route, Itinerary & Places to Visit

Though Nizamabad as we know it today was founded in the 18th century, it is actually an ancient city whose legacy has stood the test of time. From ancient temples right at the heart of the city and even a little way off to rock formations from eons ago and secret lakes, there is much that Nizamabad has to offer as a weekend getaway from Hyderabad.

So, here is a guide that gives you the lowdown on everything that you can do in two days in Nizamabad – places to visit, where to stay & eat.

Hyderabad to Nizamabad Road Trip Route & Itinerary

Hyderabad to Nizamabad Distance | 175 Kilometers 
Drive Time | 3 Hours

Hyderabad to Nizamabad Route & Itinerary

Day 1 – Nizamabad

Take the NH44 via Nacharam – Kamareddy to get to Nizamabad from Hyderabad.

Day 2 – Dichpally & Armoor

On the way back from Nizamabad to Hyderabad, around 15 kilometers outside the city of Nizamabad get off the NH7 to reach Dichpally.

From Dichpally continue onto the NH7 and NH16 to drive to Armoor, which is around 37 kilometers from there.

6 Beautiful Places to Visit in & around Nizamabad

1. Ali Sagar

Ali Sagar is more than just an irrigation dam and reservoir. This nearly ninety year old man-made lake which lies nestled in a dense forest is reached via a short hike along a beautiful garden and a path hewn through the fiery red boulders and emerald green forest cover. One can go boating in the lake, all the way to the lush green islands that dot the waterscape. There is also a deer park on the premises which makes Ali Sagar a favourite weekend haunt for families living in the district.

2. Ashok Sagar

Another popular lake here is the Ashok Sagar Lake which is enroute Ali Sagar, while heading away from the Nizamabad city. This too is a beautiful lake with a garden abutting it. But being easily accessible – right alongside the highway – it lacks the charm and sense of adventure that Ali Sagar boasts of.

3. Dichpally Ramalayam

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Locally known as Khilla Ramalayam, the Dichpally Ramalayam with its sculptures of black and white basalt are so reminiscent of the famous Khajuraho temples that the moniker, Indur Khajuraho was bestowed on it.

Though the temple itself is a 14th century Kakatiya temple, it is believed that it was here in Nizamabad, on a hill in Dichapally, that Ram stopped – on his way to wage war on the Demon King Ravan, right after meeting Hanuman for the first time – and stayed a fortnight.

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4. Sri Neelakanteshwara Temple

The Sri Neela Kanteswara Temple, right at the heart of the city, is yet another beautiful temple in Nizamabad.

Originally built as a Jain temple in the North Indian Nagara style of architecture by the Satavahanas, it was later converted to a Shiva Temple. This colourful temple and the soothing reflection it casts in the water of the neighbouring ancient step-well make for a beautiful sight anytime of the day.

5. Nizamabad Fort & Ranganatha Temple

The Nizamabad Fort isn’t like any other fort in the country, this one has become so much a part of the city today, the inside of a fort is like a neighbourhood in itself!

If not for this unique juxtaposition in itself, the Nizamabad fort is still worth a visit for the stunning Ranganatha Temple inside.

6. Armoor Rock Formations & Cave Temples

Also in Nizamabad but a little away from the city, are the stunning Armoor Rock Formations. These naturally weathered rocks that date back over a million years are so distinctively striking that they are but a natural stopover for those driving on the Nizamabad – Karimnagar Highway.

And, sitting in the caves somewhere in those rocks is the Navanatha Siddheswara Temple also known as Navanthula Siddulagutta – gutta for cave and Navanatha Siddhas for the sages who are believed to still reside in them. Inside these caves are numerous temples that you get to through  an entrance that is barely three feet. Once you crouch down and go through it, the cave opens up and skylight filters in into the interconnected passageways, guiding you through the caves.

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Where to Eat in Nizamabad City?

Complete your trip with lunch at Angeethi in the city of Nizamabad. This vegetarian friendly restaurant is made to look like a traditional village of mud houses on the outside but serves up some yummy food in an air-conditioned, nicely done up inside!

Where to Stay in Nizamabad?

One can stay at the Haritha Indur Inn in Nizamabad. Run by the Telangana State Tourism Department, it is centrally located, clean and pocket friendly.

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