The year that was, 2016

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2016 has been the year that has made me feel like a ‘Travel Writer & Photographer’. This year, despite its major misses (for me), it is right there next to 2012 on my list of my favourite years.

Who has a favourite year, you wonder. Well, I did. 2012 for me has always been special, not for the great things that I had achieved then but merely for the end it put to many a remnant of my most trying years. This year though will be remembered for the ‘good vibes only’!!

A Travel Writer, endorsed.

From those occasional spurts of writing years ago, which ranged from anonymous and loquacious book reviews to off hand fashion stories in local magazines to articles in HR Journals, I can now confidently say I have found my niche.

A Photographer, endorsed.

The Award that I won from The Government of Telangana on World Tourism Day – in recognition of the Heritage that a photograph of mine showcased – brought to me something far more significant. An Identity in the eyes of friends, family and society.

TS Tourism Award_Neeharika.jpg

Map In My Pocket, endorsed.

From collaborating with biggies like Tata Motors, Ceat Tyres, Israel Ministry of Tourism in India to being invited to the Himalayas, Map In My Pocket got an identity too.


Anyone who knows me or the blog is no stranger to the love that I have for the Himalayas. The fact that the Himalayas were not even on the cards for me this year and my only trip there was on invitation, only made it sweeter. Not to mention just how beautiful the experience in itself was!

& How can a review of my year as a Travel Blogger be complete without a list of the destinations I  travelled to in 2016?

International Dubai
India  Pune | Tada | Thanjavur | Tirupati | Trichy | Udaipur | Uttarakhand
Road Trips from Hyderabad Adilabad | Bidar | Karimnagar | Mahbub Nagar | Medak | NizamabadWarangal

As far as the answer to the all important question goes..

What have I achieved in 2016??


PS: How has your year been? What did you learn, what do you hope to achieve starting tomorrow? Do share your thoughts, leave me a comment. 🙂


PPS: After 52 Photowalks this year, I am contemplating taking up another Project this 2017. May be The 100 Strangers Project.

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8 responses to “The year that was, 2016”

  1. That was a picture perfect round -up. So happy for you!
    PS: My year was on expected lines. Old wine in the same Old bottle 🙂
    PPS: Cannot wait for your new project to take shape.

  2. Brilliantly written and the year 2016 has seen the beginning of a great success story…a story that goes by the name Map in my Pocket.Keep telling great visual stories with your beautiful photographs and engaging writing. All the best for a great 2017!!

  3. Beautiful! So happy for you…..I am impressed with your commitment & passion for your craft!! Surely you will be blessed with more & more success….God bless😘😘

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