What’s in my Camera Bag?

Let two people interested in Photography come together and the conversation immediately veers to what lenses one has, which camera body one uses and so on and so forth!

So, for all those who wanted to know what gear I use, here it is.

This is what’s in my camera bag.


Nikon D810

My first DSLR was a DX, Nikon D7100 (18-105mm) DSLR Kit. It was feature loaded for its time and still is amongst one of Nikon’s bestsellers. & then sometime last year as I  was  shooting a night wedding, outdoors in a low light setting (totally out of my depth here) it suddenly stuck me that it was time for a Full Frame.

Bigger Sensor = More Information Captured = Better Image Quality

That is when I got my Nikon D810 Body.
& now even my time lapses come upload-ready. 🙃

*I would recommend that you only upgrade when you know you have outgrown your current system. I had used my D7100 for a full three years under different conditions to know exactly I was looking for.


Nikon AF-S Nikkor VR 16-35mm F/4 G ED

Genre of Photography | Architecture 

Now that I was upgrading and I pretty much knew what kind of photography I enjoyed the most, I decided not to get the  kit lens and opted for this lens instead.

It is a brilliant choice for shooting architecture.

I am not a “digital nomad” and I only do a few big trips a year. What I do though, is to go on a whole lot of road trips, hunting down ruins, temples, forts et al. And,  this lens not only gets in a lot more of that into the frame but it also gives you wonderful depth when shooting with clouds as a backdrop.

So for those days, which is most of the time, this lens is the only lens I carry.

Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8E ED VR

Genre of Photography | Landscape

The last lens I got myself was the 24-70mm as my ‘alternate primary lens’. Now, whatever that means!

Here is why.

The 16-35mm is still my primary but when it comes to good old landscapes it is a bit limiting. For you cannot really play around with your composition where landscapes stretch away infinitely in to horizon. (Read mountains, deserts..)

Also there are trips where I can only carry one lens and then there are those where I can take along all my lenses but the conditions are such that it gets tough to change them too often. For instance, shooting winter landscapes in the subzero tempertures of the Himalayas.

It has in fact become my go-to lens and it rounds out my camera system perfectly.

Nikon AF-S 85mm F/1.8G Prime

Genre of Photography | Portraits, Food, Macro

I use this lens only rarely. I can vouch for its picture quality though. It is super sharp and the background blur just about perfect.

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm F/2.8G ED VR II

Genre of Photography | For everything else!

This one is a work horse and is probably one of the most loved Nikon lenses ever. And,  rightly so. I use it for just about anything from Bird Photography to Portraiture.

Got this one even before I got my D810 and  it works just as good on a DX body.

Camera & Lens Accessories


Benro T600EX Tripod with Head

This basic Benro tripod is the one that I have always used.

An inexpensive aluminium tripod like this is perfectly good for most kinds of photography unless you intend to use it in difficult terrains. Besides you wont feel irresponsible for sending it off in check-in baggage!! 😆

Manfrotto Befree Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod

Because a sturdy, carbon fibre tripod can be used even in rough weather. For, it isn’t recommended to handle aluminium tripod legs without gloves in sub zero temperatures, also aluminium tripods are not sturdy enough in strong winds. Plus, this one is compact and lightweight too, making it ideal for Travel Photography.

& yes, it fits perfectly in the side pocket of my camera bag.

Velbon Sherpa 200R with PH157Q Pan Head

Sturdy. Available in India only now.

Camera Bags

Manfrotto Travel Backpack

National Geographic NG W5050 Small Rucksack

Memory Cards + Backup

Saves me the worry on those long trips entirely dedicated to photographyAlso, it is safer to divide your memory into smaller units rather than risk putting all your photos and videos on one large memory card.

CF Cards

SanDisk Extreme PRO CF Card 32GB
SanDisk Extreme CF Card 32GB

SD Cards

SanDisk Class 10 SD Card 32 GB
SanDisk Class 10 SD Card 16 GB
Sony Class 10 SD Card 32GB

Card Reader

Transcend Card Reader for SD & CF Cards

Card Case

Memory Card Case (unbranded)

External Hard Disks

Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB Hard Disk
Seagate Backup Plus Slim 4TB Hard Disk

I can never have enough of Hard Disks shooting RAW!

Spare Batteries

Nikon EN-EL15 for my D810. Extreme weather conditions, far out places lacking access to electricity call for these.

Lens Cleaning Kit

I have a basic Photron Lens Cleaning Kit but if don’t mind splurging a little then I would say go whole hog with the Zeiss Lens Cleaning Kit. Besides being Zeiss, this one comes with a cleaning brush and a little pouch to carry it all in. Because, I know we all love our cameras and photography is one hobby that once you are in, you just cannot seem to stop coveting the brands or forever adding  to the wishlist.

Camera Rain Cover

The Neewer Camera Rain Cover is the one accessory that I can not stop raving about! I have always just used my camera bag’s rain cover whenever I found myself stuck in a downpour while out shooting and had never really felt the need for this. And, then I got this camera rain cover as a gift and it was only after I used it in the Goa Monsoon, that I realised how much I loved it.

Extension Tubes

Kenko Extension Tubes +  85mm Prime = Macro Photography


iPhone 7+

Useful For| Portraits, Food Photography

Well, it is more of an essential rather than an extra. But yes, I use it for my Food Photography, Flatlays and whenever I want to quickly freeze a travel memory. That way I dont lose out on a moment looking for the right lens and I can still get a sweet enough background blur with the dual cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Samsung Note 8

Useful For| Anything!

A mini point and shoot this one. Almost my secondary camera.

Manfrotto Pixi Smart

Useful For| Tripod for Videos, Selfies

Allows you to use the time-lapse and timer modes on the iphone.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

Useful For| Fun Polaroids

It was a present and I take it along on trips when I can afford to pack a little extra.  For just a little behind the scenes fun!

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