Awards & Accolades


🗺  Telangana State Award for Heritage Photography on World Tourism Day 2016


🗺  Represented India on The Kerala Blog Express Season 5, 2018
🗺  Chosen by Mr. Raghu Rai to be mentored under his initiative, ‘Creative Explorations with Raghu Rai’; shooting the Pushkar Camel Fair 2017


🗺  Creative Image: Opening Image for Pushkar Story
🗺  The Hindu: Featured City Photographer
🗺  Inspiro India: India in Pictures
🗺  SP Jain School of Global Management: Alumni Achievers

Interviews & Podcasts

🗺  The Hindu: Neeharika’s Trip of a Lifetime
🗺  The Musafir Stories – India Travel Podcast: 
Explore Karimnagar with Neeharika Satyavada
🗺  Smile Art Beats Magazine: How I Made It – Tranquility in Faith

Published Work

Collaborative Content Creation

🗺  Kerala Department of Tourism: Travel Guide + Road Trip Itinerary: 2 Weeks in Kerala
🗺  Israel Ministry of Tourism: 
 Travel Wishlist: Go Israel!
🗺  Tata Motors: A Road Trip Review of Tata Hexa
🗺  CEAT Tyres:  Road Tripping through Karimnagar

Travel Writing & Photography

The Better India
🗺  How this couple is trying to preserve Telangana’s fascinating Cheriyal Scroll Paintings
🗺 How Telangana’s dying Art Form was saved by an Innovative Solution from the Artisans
🗺  How a Himalayan Farm Retreat in Uttarakhand is encouraging Reverse Migration of Farmers

Go Getter, Go Air’s Inflight Magazine
That Time of The Year 
🗺  The Long Weekend Guide to 2018
🗺  Jharokas, Marble Palaces & a Serene Lake
🗺  Desert Rose
🗺  48 Hours in Jaipur 
48 Hours in Hyderabad
🗺  16 New Things To Do This Year
🗺  Countdown To New Year 2018
🗺  The Happy Himalayan Village

Live Mint
🗺  Hyderabad to Medak: Cathedral Town

The Pashmina Story
Old Dubai Through a New Lens

Sunday Magazine, The Hans India
🗺  All About Kanchi
🗺  A Glimpse into The Age of Miracles
🗺  A Walk to Remember
🗺  One Lingam, Five Temples
🗺  A Fountainhead of Art & Culture
🗺  Counting Threads in Uppada
🗺  A Winter in Ladakh
🗺  Pushkar: A Mythical Town
🗺  North Meets South
🗺  The Grandest of Them All
🗺  Europe Can Wait
🗺  Of Rocks & Hidden Temples in Nizamabad
🗺  Udaipur, Not Just a City of Lakes
🗺  A Handloom Holiday
🗺  The Temple Town of Trichy
🗺  In The Nomadic Settlement of Puga
🗺  Painting Stories in Telangana
🗺  Lost in Time
🗺  A Trinity of Faiths & More
🗺  Splendid Sculptures
🗺  Gateway to Spirituality
🗺  A Tranquil Getaway
🗺  Celebrating Life
🗺  Chola Magnificence
🗺  Krishna District’s Temple Town
🗺  A Testimony to Time & History
🗺  The Last Village Standing
🗺  The City of Whispering Tombs
🗺  A Birder’s Paradise
🗺  Art on The Highway
🗺  Heart of Himalayas
🗺  A Breath of Fresh Air 

Wow Hyderabad
🗺  The Land of Legends
🗺  The Age of Miracles
🗺  Weaving Magic
🗺  Millennium Temple
🗺  The Temple That Time Forgot
🗺  Take a Break!
🗺  Masked Magic
🗺  Handloom Holiday

You & I
🗺  48 Hours in Singapore
🗺  For The Love of Water


🗺  Go Heritage Run: Cheriyal – Indian Scrolls with a Story
🗺  Sunday Magazine, The Hans India: Time to Promote Telangana Culture
🗺  Sunday Magazine, The Hans India: The Race to Destruction
🗺  Wow Hyderabad: Mangalgiri – A Melange of Colours

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